• Why we love flowers - Сайт Флориста

    We opened a workshop to create something special in it with our own hands.

    We try to be individual. We do not sell balls and do not arrange holidays.

    We have many other interesting ideas that we are ready to offer our customers.

    There are self-contained flowers that look chic without extras.

    Of course, some of them are roses.

    But they can play in a different way, if they beat them with a pair of twigs of other colors and stylish packaging.

    To keep roses happy for a long time, I recommend that customers immerse them in cool water above half the stem.

    You can throw a couple of ice cubes into a vase. These beauties do not like a lot of sun and light.

    We do not draw ideas for decorating bouquets from the Internet, but create by inspiration, as our own taste and intuition tells her.

    They are popular the chrysanthemum, delicate eustoma, bright and persistent gerbera.

    They can also be beaten in bouquets with various elements - fragrant freesia, orchids, hydrangea, Santini. So unusual compositions are created.

    It happens that a person comes and does not know clearly what he wants.we can tell, but try not to impose my vision.

    And if customers are willing to trust our taste, we are happy to create.

    Original flower gift ideas

    In the flower workshop you can buy almost everything you see there. And these are not only flowers.

    If people have the potential to create something unusual, we take their work to implement. There are many such talents.

    Handmade paintings and greeting cards.

    Their decor elements are made of mica and painted with stained glass paints.


    Мы разрабатываем веб-сайты для флористов - от небольших онлайн-магазинов до признанных в отрасли дизайнеров.

    Неважно, насколько велик или мал ваш бизнес, если у вас есть зародыш идеи или процветающий бизнес - мы уверены, что у вас есть лучший веб-дизайн, подходящий для вашего бизнеса.

    Веб-сайты floristPro для флористов созданы для того, чтобы вы могли заказать сайт флориста для своего красивого и ароматного бизнеса.

    Вы всегда сможете изменять свой продукт и контент сайта.


    Как уникальная группа специалистов в области ИТ, маркетинга, SEO и флористики, мы понимаем особые потребности флористов в Интернете.

    Ваш сайт является отражением вас и вашего бизнеса. Используя цветовую схему, логотип и дизайн, floristPro создает и создает ваш новый веб-сайт для флористов.

    Клиенты могут покупать ваши букеты и подарки в Интернете с помощью безопасной электронной коммерции с оплатой прямо на ваш банковский счет.

    Ваш сайт будет иметь свой собственный раздел администрирования, дающий вам контроль над вашим собственным сайтом.


    We try to connect floristry with the interior.

    One of their tricks is to supplement panels, paintings or ikebans with stabilized plants: Norwegian moss.

    This is a natural material that does not fade and does not lose brightness for 10 years.

    It is hypoallergenic and completely harmless to humans and animals. It does not need to be watered and sprayed, only protected from direct sunlight.

    Even if a person came not to buy, but simply to admire the flowers, the work of other masters, consider something in detail.

    We want to give people the warmth that they are looking for, to help, sometimes in an elementary way, by listening to or supporting the conversation. The trust of customers and visitors is worth a lot to us.

    The services of a professional florist are simply irreplaceable during wedding and anniversary celebrations, corporate events, important business meetings.

    Bouquets, table, wall and floor flower arrangements, decorative flower arches, wedding procession decor - all this can be ordered at the floristic studio.

    Creating a website for a floristic studio is just as necessary for representatives of this type of business, as well as the presence of qualified specialists in the studio, as well as high-quality materials for floral arrangements.

    Why? Everything is very simple: a modern website for business performs a wide range of marketing and PR tasks in one of the most popular information channels in the world - the global Internet.

    A rare person today has not heard about the Internet and its capabilities. Every day more and more people are looking for the necessary information on the Internet.

    Роскошный салон флористики

    If you are faced with the task of a beautiful wedding decoration, harmonious landscape design, then you have come to the right address.

    For our team of professionals, floristry has become a matter of life. The site modaflora.com.ua can offer you:

    • floral floristry, decoration of halls. With our help, your wedding will be an unforgettable celebration that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. We will offer the most original floristic solutions, stylish classic options so that you can get a wedding decoration that will meet all your wishes and dreams;
    • phytodesign of interiors. Using all the subtleties and secrets of phytodesign, our floristic studio will create "living corners" in your interior, saturating it with a positive atmosphere and incredible comfort. Pieces of nature will give a good mood and enjoyment of life;
    • landscape design. Want an eternally green winter garden or flowering summer terrace? Floristics Studio will create for you a chic landscape design and provide him with proper care. It is obligatory for us to realize all your wishes, therefore your vision will become the basis for creating the concept of the landscape and putting it into practice;
    • Floristics courses. You can take a unique opportunity and study at the school of floristry. A convenient form of training, small groups, under the guidance of qualified specialists, efficiently and effectively acquire knowledge and can immediately apply them in practice;
    • decoupage training. Decor Studio will teach you the popular and stylish decoration of various objects. Such knowledge will help in decorating the house, in creating original details for the interior and for gifts for dear and beloved;
    • Shopping at the store. The assortment always has a large selection of artificial flowers and plants, which occupy a worthy place in the decoration of interiors and other types of decor.


    Наш сайт флористики предложит Вам познакомиться с нашей деятельностью. 

    Все, что делается в наших салонах-флористах, делается с любовью к цветам и людям. Сайт флористики обладает профессионализмом и любовью к своему делу.